Marketing PhD Admissions Guide

1. Marketing PhD Guide 6. Grades & Coursework 11. Teaching Experience
2. Your Motivation 7. GMAT Score 12. Statement of Purpose
3. PhD Admission Timelines 8. Letters of Recommendation 13. Interviews + Flyouts
4. Where To Apply 9. Research Experience 14. Decision Making
5. The “Profile Approach” 10. Work Experience 15. Summary + Helpful Resources


This is a collection of resources designed to help prospective marketing PhD students applying to doctoral programs in the USA. The amount of general, organized information specific to marketing PhD applications and marketing doctoral programs is very limited. I know because I searched for it when I applied.

The information I’ve compiled is based on my own experience with admissions, as well as that of others. My hope is that this admissions guide will be a helpful resource for many and eliminate some of the mystery surrounding the application process.

The guide is meant to be as objective as possible. Look for added details about my own admissions experience in smaller font at the bottom of several pages.

Enjoy the Marketing PhD Admissions Guide!